Bespoke Rugs and tailor made runners

Choose from  the :

Please contact us for quotes - free colour samples sent by return of post.

Style of Borders  (inner borders Cotton only)

Rug with whipped finish

Whipped Finish

Rug with single border

Single Border

Rug with double piped border

Double Piped

rug with double narrow border

Double Narrow

Rug with double wiide border

Double Wide

Choice of Borders
Cotton bespoke rug border - Apple
linen bespoke border - Lead
Jute bespoke border - Natural
Bespoke Cotton borders
Bespoke Linen borders
Bespoke Jute border
Binary bespoke border - Balthus
Fishcale bespoke border - Glitter
Bespoke Cotton Herringbone border - Oxford
Bespoke Binary borders
Bespoke Fishscale borders
Bespoke Cheb borders
Tweed bespoke borders - Teal
 Rainbow  bespoke border - Blue
Jot bespoke borders - Biscotti
Bespoke Tweed borders
Bespoke Rainbow borders
Bespoke Jot borders
Stripes bespoke border - Red
Herringbone bespoke borders  - Green
Bespoke Stripe borders
Bespoke Herringbone borders
Faux leather bespoke borders - Dove
Faux suede bespoke borders - Coffee
Leather hide bespoke border - Cirrus
Bespoke Faux Leather borders
Bespoke Faux Suede borders
Bespoke Leather Hide borders