easy care sisalesque boucle & chevron

Two fabulous sisalesque flatweave designs - one boucle and one herringbone - made from 100% polypropylene yarn.  Classic, timeless designs, easy to clean with just water or a bleach solution & suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Loomed 4m wide.

  • Broadloom £40.35 sq m+vat

Both designs can be made into  Bespoke Rugs and   hall and stair runners any size.

Please contact us for further information or free colour samples.

Easy Care Sisalesque Boucle - Cotswold
Easy Care Sisalesque Boucle - Granite
Easy Care Sisalesque Boucle - Purbeck
Easy Care Sisalesque Boucle - Portland
Easy Care Sisalesque Boucle - Quarry
Sisalesque Boucle  Cotswold
Sisalesque Boucle  Granite
Sisalesque Boucle  Purbeck
Sisalesque Boucle  Portland
Sisalesque Boucle  Quarry
Easy Care Sisalesque Chevron - Quarry
Easy Care Sisalesque Chevron - Purbeck
Easy Care Sisalesque Chevron - Portland
Easy Care Sisalesque Chevron - Cotswold
Easy Care Sisalesque Chevron - Granite
Sisalesque Chevron Quarry
Sisalesque Chevron  Purbeck
Sisalesque Chevron  Portland
Sisalesque Chevron  Cotswold
Sisalesque Chevron  Granite
Style of Borders
Faux Cotton Borders

Faux Cotton Border - Almond

Faux Cotton Border - Pitch


Faux Cotton Border - Rhodium

Faux Cotton Border - Papyrus


Faux Cotton Border - coconut

Faux Cotton Border - Walnut

                           Coconut                               Walnut

Faux Cotton Border - Mole

Faux Cotton Border - Truffle

                               Mole                                  Truffle

Faux Cotton Border - Pecan


Faux Leather and Faux Suede border options.