The Rug Service

Ollerton Rugs & Carpets are keenly aware that your floor doesn't finish with a carpet - there is nothing like a rug or runner to add colour and interest to a room, as well as to help protect areas of heavy wear.Bespoke tailor made rug options,designed to fit your room, from materials that compliment or match your carpet.

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cordgrass  and lynchet naturally unnatural std rug designs
Bespoke natural & wool rugs
Bespoke stain resistant flatweave rug designs
The Jacquard weave rug collections
Bespoke luxury rug designs

Two polypropylene flatweave designs . Cordgrass and Lynchet. Stain and water resistant. Easy to clean.Six standard rug sizes. more...

This service enables you to do just that. Select a design from the Natural or Haywain II collections. Select a border to suit and your rug will be bespoke made to your specification. more...

Five stain resistant flatweave collections consisting of 14 designs which can be made into bespoke rugs and runners. more ...

An inspirational jacquard rug collection woven from a wool and cotton chenille mix for an intriguing finish on your floor. Rugs and runners in various sizes and designs. more.

These luxury designs can be used with the bespoke tailor made rug service in addition to the Natural & Haywain II collections. Designs range from 100% polyester to 100% wool. more...