THE NATURAL FLOORING COLLECTION  -  Sisal, Coir, Seagrass  &  Jute

These natural fibre carpets all originate from plants making them an environmentally friendly fashion item adding character to any home, for those who relish the allure of a natural organic product. These carpets can be fully fitted or made into bespoke rugs and tailor made runners with applied borders.

Sisal Coir Seagrass Jute

The leaves of the sisal plant are fleshy, they are crushed, washed then spun into yarn and loomed into carpets. Sisal's textured look is popular with interior designers.

Price from £31.75 sqm+vat.


Coir is harvested from the   bearded husks of coconuts. The little tufts which are naturally curly and springy are soaked and beaten before being spun into a surprisingly tough yarn.

Price from £15.95 sqm+vat.

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Seagrass as the name suggests grows in the seas of tropical and temperate estuaries, It is harvested, laid out in the sun to dry and then repeatedly beaten before being spun into a yarn.

Price from £17.25sqm+vat.


Jute is produced from the long vegetable fibres of tropical corchorus plants. These have high tensile strength and are ideally suited for spinning into yarns. Jute, with a texture akin to thick cotton is the softer of the natural floorings.

Price from £24.95 sqm+vat.

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Where can I put these carpets?
These carpets will add a textured durable feel to your interior and may be used in any part of the home except for ‘wet’ areas. We do not recommend the use of seagrasses on stairs because they can become slippery with concentrated wear. Natural floorings are very practical because they easily shrug off day to day dirt. However, to protect them against liquid spillages in particular, the carpets can be treated with an Intec Stain Inhibitor prior to despatch.

What about an underlay?
These carpets are made from natural plant fibres and whilst they have a latex backing for added strength and to prevent dirt dropping through, the manufacturers strongly recommend fitting to a contract underlay suitable for the ‘double stick’ method to prolong the life and give it a softer feel underfoot.