chunky Sisal carpets

These natural fibre super sisal designs are thick, chunky, evocative carpets imparting an air of rustic extravagance to any room. Both designs are loomed in 4m width.

  • Super Panama - £36.05 sq m+vat.
  • Sisal Bubbleweave - £39.65 sq m+vat.

Both designs can be made into bespoke rugs and tailor made stair or hall runners.  Choose your border options from the Bespoke Rugs page to create your unique design.

Please contact us for further information and free colour samples.

Super Panama
Sisal Bubbleweave
Super Panama A511 natural sisal
Bubbleweave A557 natural sisal
Bubbleweave A553 natural sisal
Bubbleweave A554 natural sisal
Bubbleweave A556 natural sisal