the VintaGE  Patchwork Rug Collection

A modern rug collection in bold vibrant colours with a Vintage touch consisting of jacquard woven patches woven on 100% cotton chenille. All rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit.

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<< Jacquard rugs

               150x80     £120+vat

               200x140   £260+vat

               240x170   £325+vat

               280x200   £525+vat

     330x230   £690+vat

     360x280   £930+vat

Vintage Patchwork - azur
Vintage Patchwork - Bruges lue
Vintage Patchwork - Antwerp Red
Azur  8015
Blue Denim  8108
Bruges Blue  8981
Antwerp Red  8985
Vintage Patchwork - yellow
Vintage Patchwork - Ghent Beige
Vintage Patchwork - black & white
Yellow  8084
Ghent Beige  8982
Black & White  8101