The antiquarian collection

The five Antiquarian collections are inspired by ancient Asian and African cultures. The traditional well loved feel of these rugs has been recreated with a soft recyclable PET polyester giving a distressed appearance. All rugs are with reinforced corners and an PES antislip latex for a secure fit.

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140 x 200 £266.70+vat

170 x 240 £388.62+vat

200 x 280 £533.40+vat

 240 x 340 £777.24+vat

280 x 390 £1040.13+vat


Recyclable Eco Killim rug -  Fez Red Recyclable Eco Killim rug - Zemmuri blue Recyclable Eco Killim rug - Black Rabat

9115 Fez Red

9110 Zemmuri Blue

9113 Black Rabat

Recyclable Eco Killim rug - medina white

              9114 Medina White       




Recyclable Eco Usak rug - suleiman grey Recyclable Eco Usak rug - Turkish Delight  

8884  Suleiman Grey

8894 Turkish Delight



Recyclable Eco Heriz rug - Classick Brick Recyclable Eco Heriz rug -  Amir Gold Recyclable Eco Heriz rug - Seray Orange

8703 Classic Brick

8704 Amir Gold

8705 Seray Orange


Recyclable Eco Bakhtiari rug - Janissary Multi Recyclable Eco Bakhtiari rug - Fener Multi  

8712 Janissary Multi

9127 Fener Multi



Recyclable Eco Hadschlu rug - Red Recyclable Eco Hadschlu rug - Agha Old Gold  

8719 Red

8720 Agha Old Gold