the structured Coral COLLECTION

The Structured Coral rug emulates the pearlescent colours of the deep sea corals and their stunning vibrancy.   Made from100% polyester (20% rPET), with reinforced corners and a PES anti slip backing, these rugs will stay put and are fully recyclable once their rug life has come to an end.

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 80 x 150  £122.40+vat

140 circ.   £199.92+vat.

240 circ.   £587.52+vat

                     80 x 250  £204.00+vat

                   170 x 240  £416.16+vat

                   240 x 340  £832.32+vat

140 x 200  £285.60+vat

 200 x 280 £571.20+vat

 280 x 390 £1113.84+vat