the structured boabab COLLECTION

Native people believe that the spirits of their ancestors reside in the hugh trunks of the Boabab tree. The tree of life is surrounded by ancient folklore of miraculous virtues and magical powers hidden in the depths of its richly textured bark. Woven from100% PET polyester eco friendly, recyclable yarn . Rugs are finished with reinforced corners and an antislip PES latex for a secure fit.

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   80 x 150 £122.10+vat

140 circ.    £199.92+vat

240 circ.    £587.52+vat

  80 x 250    £204.00+vat

140 x 200    £285.60+vat

 240 x 340   £832.32+vat

170 x 240   £416.16+vat

200 x 280   £571.20+vat

280 x 390 £1113.84+vat