the shapes collection

This abstract collection of interlocking shapes incorporate different hues of colour and textures creating visual interest by playing with light.  Woven in a fashionable flatweave construction on jacquard  looms, from a composition of 100% eco friendly PET polyester yarn of which of which 20% has already been recycled. Rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip PES latex for a secure fit.

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100 x 140  £ 133.35+vat

240 x 340 £777.24+vat

140 x 200 £266.70+vat

170 x 240 £388.62+vat

 280 x 390 £1040.13+vat

200 x 280 £533.40+vat

240 circ. £548.64+vat

9369 Ducksong

9368 Carpe Diem

9370  Secret


9368 Circular Rug 240cm