The Meditation collection - swim

Dive into this stunning, reflective design which plays on the magical, shimmering brilliance of water. The use of shadows and texture make this design both tactile and visually appealing.  These rugs are manufactured from an eco friendly, recycable PET polyester yarn, 20% of which has already been recycled, increasing the circular economy. All Rugs are finished with reinforced corners and an antislip PES latex backing.

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                    80 x 150 £114.30+vat

                 80 x 250 £190.50+vat

              140 x 200  £266.70+vat

               170 x 240 £388.62+vat

               200 x 280 £533.40+vat

               240 x 340 £777.24+vat

              140 circ. £186.69+vat

               240 circ. £548.64+vat

               280 x 390 £1040.13+vat

9354 River

9349 Saffrom

9351 Surf

Circular rug 9351 Surf

9353 Grit