The mad men cracks collection

This new collection represents 'a vintage sixties' look showing a surface of cracked ice with a mix of straight and broken lines.. Woven in a fashionable flatweave construction on jacquard  looms, from a composition of 85% cotton  and 15% high gloss polyester yarns. all rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit.

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 150 x 80    £130+vat

200 x 140   £280+vat

240 x 170    £420+vat

280 x 200    £570+vat

330 x 230  £760+vat

360 x 280   £980+vat

Jacquard Rug - Mad Men Cracks - Deep Mine
Jacquard Rug - Mad Men Cracks - Dark Pine
Jacquard Rug - Mad Men Cracks - Abyss Blue
Deep Mine 8618
Dark Pine  8723
Abyss Blue  8629