The fading world generation collection

The bold streaks and the 'aggression of time' on the colours of  this classical Generation design are linked with the disruptive events of the sixties. These beautiful rugs are woven on Jacquard looms with 100% cotton chenille yarns. The intricate stitching and multiple layers give these rugs a true 'vintage' look. All rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit.

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     150 x  80   £125+vat

     200 x140   £270+vat

     240 x170   £410+vat

     280 x200   £540+vat

    330 x230   £730+vat

    360 x280   £950+vat


Fading World Generation Beige/Sky Fading World Generation Yazu Cream
Beige Sky  8633 Yazu Cream  8638