borders for Bespoke Rugs and tailor made runners

Any size tailor made - choose your carpet - choose your border in Sisal, Seagrass, Coir, Jute or 100% natural Wool - simply choose your carpet either from our Natural Collection or the HayWain II 100% natural wool textured ranges, then choose your border  from Cotton, Linen, Fishscale,Binary, Jute, Herringbone, Stripe, Tweed, Rainbow, Jot, Faux Suede and Leather or Leather Hide.

Please contact us for quotes and free samples .

Bespoke leather border - StoneStone
Bespoke leather border -  CirrusCirrus
Bespoke leather border -  PortlandPortland
Bespoke leather border -  WineWine
Bespoke leather border -  ChocolateChocolate
Bespoke leather border -  ChestnutChestnut
Bespoke leather border -  BlackBlack
Bespoke leather border -  FlintFlint
Bespoke faux leather border - Ink Ink
Bespoke faux leather border - GraphiteGraphite
Bespoke faux leather border - OceanOcean
Bespoke faux leather border - EspressoEspresso
Bespoke faux leather border - DoveDove
Bespoke faux leather border - KhakiKhaki
Bespoke faux leather border - GreigeGreige
Bespoke faux leather border - FlameFlame
  Bespoke faux suede border - Tar  Tar
Bespoke faux suede border - BattleshipBattleship
Bespoke faux suede border - CobaltCobalt
Bespoke faux suede border - MochaMocha
Bespoke faux suede border - BitterBitter
Bespoke faux suede border - CoffeeCoffee
Bespoke faux suede border - GarnetGarnet
Bespoke faux suede border - NectarNectar