the VintaGE  Patchwork Rug Collection

A modern rug collection in bold vibrant colours with a Vintage touch consisting of jacquard woven patches woven on a mix of pure wool and cotton chenille. Optical effects are woven at random and can vary from one rug size to another. All rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit. Loomed in 7 standard sizes to suit every room in your home.

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  90x60     £65.00+vat

150x90   £119.00+vat

200x140   £258.00+vat

240x170   £366.00+vat

280x200   £498.50+vat

330x230   £664.25+vat

360x280  £882.00+vat
Vintage Patchwork - Bruges lue
Vintage Patchwork - Antwerp Red
Vintage Patchwork - Ghent Beige
Patchwork 8751 Ardennes Green
Patchwork 8981 Bruges Blue
Patchwork 8985 Antwerp Red
Patchwork 8952 Ghent Beige
Patchwork 8751 Ardennes
Vintage Patchwork - Red
Vintage Patchwork - azur
Vintage Patchwork - yellow
Vintage Patchwork -  blue denim
Patchwork 8014 - Red
Patchwork 8015 - Azur
Patchwork 8084 - Yellow
Patchwork 8108 - Blue Denim
Vintage Patchwork - black & white
Vintage Patchwork - turquoise
Vintage Patchwork - sea blue
Patchwork 8101 - Black & White
Patchwork 8105 -Turquoise
Patchwork 8006 - Sea Blue