The Rhino/sustainable collection

The Rhino collection is a range of stain resistant carpets loomed using their revolutionary yarns, from renewable sources, providing exceptional luxurious soft carpets with excellent rebound and strong ECO credentials.

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From Field to Floor


These carpets are  manufactured from a fibre using a polymer obtained from corn sugars, which is a sustainable resource. SmartStrand provides permanent built in stain protection  - stains wash away with just water.

Presidential is a practical sustainable twist pile in 5 qualities from a short compact pile to a luxury saxony.

From Bottle to Floor


  A sustainable eco friendly twist collection loomed from a revolutionary new fibre made from your old recycled plastic bottles. A natural choice for your home and environment .                                             


True winner a truly luxurious  thick carpet made from recycled plastic bottles - giving a robust, firm but luxurious feel underfoot.

Smartstrand Presidential Independence Buttermilk

smartstrand Presidential Splendour buttermilk

Everstrand  True Winner col Glade Green

Presidential Twist

5 qualities

18 colours

from £19.50 sq m+vat

Presidential Splendour

18 colours 

£20.95 sq m+vat

True Winner

3.66m wide

21 colours

£27.50 sq m+vat


Bella Viletta & Sheer Ecstasy are luxurious, soft, huggable, toe wriggling saxony twist carpets.

Smartstrand Bella Viletta Port City Blue
Smartstrand Sheer Ecstasy col Brickwalk

Bella Viletta

3.66m wide

14 colours 

£34.70 sq m+vat

Sheer Ecstasy

3.66m wide

15 colours

£37.10 sq m+vat