special offers

Offers too good to miss on  wool and wool mix carpets, plain, textured and striped and natural sisal carpets.

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Because every Penny counts.... Carpet your home on a tight budget... Sizzling sisal offers...

80/20 wool twist & 100% wool   offers

40% off Reco wool rich underlays with the following designs:

Foundation Twist Plain and Striped, Tudor Twist, Deco Loop  Stripe - 3 designs

Select-Value 50/50 wool loop

40% off Reco wool rich underlays with this 50% wool and 50% polym8 wool loop design.

1m,4m & 5m stripes, stair runner

4m & 5m  plain coordinates

Sizzling sisals at sizzling prices

Contemporary natural sisal broadloom designs in 4m and 5m width. Popluar mini boucles, stunning panama and herringbone designs to name a few.

...make every penny count ...but still have that designer look ...at a price your purse will approve of