The Mad Men Jacob's Ladder is a design that symbolises the difficult but exhilirating climb to the top of the social ladder and despite the glittery rungs the climb can be very tricky. Woven in a fashionable flatweave construction from a composition of 85% cotton and 15% high gloss yarn. All rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit. Loomed in various rug sizes.

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  •   90x60       £67.00+vat
  • 150x80    £135.50+vat
  • 360x280  £997.00+vat
  • 330x230    £743.00+vat
  • 280x200    £554.00+vat
  • 240x170    £397.50+vat
  • 200x140   £272.75+vat
  • 230x230   £511.10+vat
Mad Men Jacob's Ladder -  Central Yellow
Mad Men Jacob's Ladder - Harlem
Mad Men Jacob's Ladder - Tribeca Blue
Jacob's Ladder 8928 Central Yellow
Jacob's Ladder 8425 Harlem
Jacob's Ladder 8927 Tribeca Blue
Mad Men Jacob's Ladder - White Plains
Mad Men Jacob's Ladder -  Coppertone
Jacob's Ladder 8929 White Plains
Jacob's Ladder 8951 Coppertone