The fading world generation collection

The bold streaks and the 'aggression of time' on the colours of  this classical Generation design are linked with the disruptive events of the sixties. These beautiful rugs are woven on Jacquard looms with 100% cotton chenille yarns. The intricate stitching and multiple layers give these rugs a true 'vintage' look. All rugs are hand finished with reinforced corners and an antislip layer for a secure fit. Loomed in eight standard sizes to suit every room in your home.

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  • 90x60        £66.00+vat
  • 150x80    £119.75+vat
  • 360x280  £926.25+vat
  • 330x230 £697.50+vat
  • 280x200 £529.00+vat
  • 240x170 £370.00+vat
  • 230x230 £486.00+vat
  • 200x140 £258.00+vat
Fading World Generation Beige/Sky Fading World Generation Raspberry Cream Fading World Generation Beige Cream

8633 Beige Sky

8634 Raspberry Cream

8635 Beige Cream

Fading World Generation Mango Brown
Fading World Generation Pear Cream
Fading World Generation Yazu Cream

8637 Mango Brown

8636 Pear Cream

8638 Yazu Cream

Fading World Generation Grey Neutral

8639 Grey Neutral